METEORS, THE : Graveyard Stomp
Album Graveyard Stomp
Format DVD
Label raucous
Year 2003
Genre Psychobilly

METEORS, THE : Graveyard Stomp

This DVD from the Meteors is really the first video recording from the Band (1981) with the original line-up( Nigel lewis !!) from these days. You’ll find 15 songs on this DVD and nice to know, the DVD rounds of with the original promotion clip for the Graveyard stomp single!!


Tracklist :

01. When A Stranger Calls
02. Phantom Of The Opera
03. Axe Attack
04. Little Red Riding Hood
05. Psycho For Your Love
06. Domino
07. Get Off My Cloud
08. Blue Sunshine
09. Maniac
10. The Hills Have Eyes
11. Wild Thing
12. Fear Of The Dark
13. Graveyard Stomp
14. Rattlesnakin Daddy
15. Graveyard Stomp "Original Promo)

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