METEORS, THE : From Beyond
Album From Beyond
Format CD
Label raucous
Year 2003
Genre Psychobilly

METEORS, THE : From Beyond

We thought it wasn’t possible!! But here it is! An original recording from 1982 when Nigel Lewis (on slap base) still was a member from the Meteors! This recording is a live recording, and was taken before they made their first album!! You’ll find most of the songs from their first 3 ep’s, singles, but there are some unknown on it too!!

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Tracklist :

01. Shout So Loud
02. Teenagers From Outer Space
03. Bertha Lou
04. Into The Darkness
05. Voodoo Rhythm
06. Another Half Hour Till Sunrise
07. Attack Of The Zorchmen
08. The Hills Have Eyes
09. Wild Thing
10. Mutant Rock
11. My Daddy Is A Vampire
12. Love Me
13. Graveyard Stomp
14. Radioactive Kid
15. These Boots Were Made For Walking
16. Let It Slide

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