METEORS, THE : Hell Train Rollin
Album Hell Train Rollin
Format CD
Label PLY
Year 2009
Genre Pure Psychobilly

METEORS, THE : Hell Train Rollin

THE M3T3ORS have cared little for trends or fashions, which surely goes some way in showing the reason they have been able to deliver groundbreaking work with such consistency, ever since their debut album 'In Heaven', to their latest crazed offering 'Hell Train Rollin'.

Currently enjoying phenomenal success in the United States, THE M3T3ORS will be showing exactly why they have been described as nothing less than dangerous


Tracklist :

01. Never stop the hate train
02. Down and dirty
03. Another day on fire
04. Devilbone fugue
05. This town
06. 4 pound hammer
07. (They call me ) Creepy
08. If That’s the way you want it
09. The old man down the road
10. Slice by slice
11. Pure Evil
12. Surfin home on a dead girl
13. Psychobilly Number 1
Video Clip: (They Call Me) Creepy

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