METEORS, THE : Mental Instrumentals  II
Album Mental Instrumentals II
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Mutant Rock
Year 2019
Genre Psychobilly, Instro

METEORS, THE : Mental Instrumentals II

Due to the 40th Anniversary the 2nd part of the All-instrumental album, Mental Instrumentals 2 - When Guitars Attack" from the original Psychobilly band THE METEORS is coming along. A lethal overdose of Paul Fenech's spine-bending Psychobilly guitar backed by THE METEORS' pulsating Voodoo-Billy beat. 16 Stompin pure Psychobilly sounds made of pure evil. Lim.ed digi pack CD !!


Tracklist :

01. P. Paul Fenech : When Guiters Attack
02. The Meteors : The Cutter Cuts (While The Widow Wee)
03. The Meteors : Psychobilly Syndrome (Bloddy Pit Of Horror Mix PIT )
04. P. Paul Fenech : Mule Boy And His Unformed Face
05. P. Paul Fenech : The Multiple Deaths Of Pichina
06. The Meteors : Do The Blood Feast Twist
07. P. Paul Fenech : Giacando Con La Mano Sinistra Di Dio
08. The Meteors : THE FORSAKEN 09. The Meteors : Blood Beat
10. The Meteors : Nightmare In Elche(Alicante Breakdown)
11. The Meteors : Halloween Scream
12. The Meteors : Surfin Home On A Dead Girl
13. P. Paul Fenech : Let's Go Play At The Meyers House
14. P. Paul Fenech : L'odio Cavalca De Solo
15. P. Paul Fenech : Bad Universe
16. The Meteors : The Loneliness Of The Distance Killer

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