DEAD BROTHERS : Death Is Forever
Album Death Is Forever
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2023
Genre Neo-folk-Psych.Punk-Black R'n'R

DEAD BROTHERS : Death Is Forever

"Death is everywhere. Death is forever, that's why we should embrace death just like life itself. " If you're afraid of death, you're already dead" - Alain Croubalian. "Brother Alain Croubalian (1964-2021) is dead now, he passed away in the middle of recording this album and takes us on his final journey of the stories he wrote over the years with his many fellow musicians. About these recordings it should be said that Alain left us towards the end of the sessions and we worked closely together with his text partner/poet Marc Littler to bring these songs to final life, Resli Burri and Bertrand Siffert mixed, snipped and refined all the tracks together, and these very last songs are now available on this wonderful recording, with Luc Navette drawing the cover. 'Wayfaring Stranger' was the last song The Dead Brothers ever recorded, and a wish of those left behind to see this as a farewell and also welcome song from the incredible The Dead Brothers. The Dead Brothers started out as a funeral band and now play their own, knowing that they have inspired many musicians and bands around the world (The Dresden Dolls, Gogol Bordello etc)." You don't know The Dead Brothers, the one and only Death Blues Funeral Orchestra yet? The Dead Brothers are in a class of their own: A "funeral orchestra" that penetrates deep into the soul with the death blues. Rough but with a very warm attitude from folk music, psychotic punk, bluegrass which becomes blackgrass, rock'n'roll and world music. But don't wait to check them out until you're dead!


Tracklist :

Side A:
01.Sifflet Des Mines
02.500 Horses
04.Diamond Mind
05.Born To Die
06.I Wrote A Book
Side B:
01.Down Here I Am
02.The Laws Of Man Aka Ode To A Deserter
03.Up To The Gate
04.Fare Thee Well
05.Amara Terra
06.Wayfaring Stranger

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