SWAMPYS, THE : Last on before snuffin' out ??
Album Last on before snuffin' out ??
Format CD
Label Drunkabilly Records
Year 2013
Genre Old School Psychobilly

SWAMPYS, THE : Last on before snuffin' out ??

The Swampy’ s were flying the flag for Wallonian psychobilly in the second half of the eighties, but folded too soon. Whenever Drunkabilly chief Christophe ran into frontman Jo Psycho, he would tell him over and over to bring back The Swampy’s. In 2009 Jo ultimately went for it, picked up new band mates and had a blast at the 3rd Old-School Rockabilly Psychosis Night in Antwerp, sending a crowd of both diehards and youngsters in a frenzy. Shows from Russia to America followed as further proof The Swampy’s are in demand again. And now, a mere 25 years after the release of ‘Come Back To The Swamp’, the second album is here! ‘Last One Before Snuffin’ Out???’ brings the early psychobilly sound to this century with a bang. All the songs are as vibrant as a Swamp Stomp can be. To drive the point home: although ‘The Coffin Maker’ was a choice cut on the first Swampy’s EP, the recent recording has far more vigor. For Jo - who hand-crafted his sharp-shaped carbon bass himself - there’ s one big difference compared to the eighties: "I was always drunk on stage. These days I only drink beer after the show, so I play much better!” We’ll drink to that, more than one before snuffin’ out. CD comes in a normal plastic box.

List Price : €11,98
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Tracklist :

01. Born In 65’
02. Ca
03. Welcome In Hell
04. Swamp Stomp
05. The Coffin Shaker
06. Pyramides
07. El Ranchero
08. Valley Of The Dead
09. Anthony Starck
10. Krueger

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