CENOBITES : no Paradise For The Damned
Album no Paradise For The Damned
Format CD
Label rebellion
Year 2014
Genre Psychobilly, Punk’n Roll, Punkabilly

CENOBITES : no Paradise For The Damned

CENOBITES new record NO PARADISE FOR THE DAMNED has a different edge to it which becomes apparent on first spin. With dutch monster producer Jacques de Haard at the helm (Hermano/Beaver/Queens Of The Stone Age) they created a raging slab of 11 new psychobilly killers. This time employing a more to the point production which proves CENOBITES just keep evolving. All frills have been removed to make this record a powerful and direct punch in the face.
Special Guest on "Bloodstains" & "Don't Talk To Me" : Sparky (Demented Are Go)


Tracklist :

01. 1000 Bullets
02. Bloodstains
03. Cold Skin Love
04. Cellar Door
05. Final Warning
06. Devil Domain
07. Chasing the Dragon
08. Lizard King
09. Don’t Talk To Me
10. Cash Flow Chain
11. Black Metal

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