FRANTIC FLINTSTONES : Psycho samba my way
Album Psycho samba my way
Format CD
Label Drunkabilly Records
Year 2009
Genre Psychobilly, Rock'n Roll, Rockabilly

FRANTIC FLINTSTONES : Psycho samba my way

When Chuck Harvey went stomping at London's legendary Klub Foot, he caught the psychobilly virus. Ever since the frontman kick-started the Frantic Flinstones in 1986, they've been part of a tradition that defies description. While wrecking plenty of musical borders, the revolving line-up included players from numerous nations. When Chuck moved to Curitiba in Brazil, his Tripabilly Whizz Kids became even more boundless. The revamped Flinstones are spurred by local hero Mutant Cox (Os Catalépticos, Sick Sick Sinners) slappin' on some Latin spice. The Chuck and Cox dream team penned most of the mighty fine originals featured on 'Psycho Samba My Way'. The latest volume in the truckload of Frantic Flinstones releases once again celebrates a wild variety of styles, without losing any psychobilly credibility. Mad mountain fiddles, honky-tonk piano, banjo pickin' and pirate mariachis beef up the party mix, topped off by a handful of old favorites getting the trademark Bedrock & roll treatment. El Cha Cha Chuckers cowpoke credo is: Have a fucking good time! Those cheers stampede from the get-go, so the worldwide FF Muh Posse will go bananas over 'Psycho Samba'. Yabba-Dabba Muh!


Tracklist :

01. Back On The Couch
02. Hypodermic
03. Green Eyes
04. Cheatin' Heart
05. Du & Ich
06. Mambo Sun
07. Cast Iron Arm
08. You Don't Love Me Anymore
09. Tears In My Eyes
10. You Can Have Her
11. Lying Naked
12. Troubled Times
13. My Way
14. Yabba-Dabba Family

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