NIGEL LEWIS & THE ZORCHMEN : Ladies & gentlemen
Album Ladies & gentlemen
Format CD Double
Label Drunkabilly Records
Year 2008
Genre Rockabilly–Psychosis, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly

NIGEL LEWIS & THE ZORCHMEN : Ladies & gentlemen

Nigel Lewis earned a prominent spot in the Psychobilly Hall of Fame as founding member of The Meteors, originators of the genre. Later on he expanded his legacy with The Escalators and rockin' garage giants the Tall Boys. In the past year Nigel Lewis hit the stage with Thee Andrews Surfers and the Dead Kings, and toured with his main backing band The Zorchmen. The latter also joined him in the studio for the creation of 'Ladies &Gentlemen, Attention Please...' This brand spankin' new album embodies a fresh dose of Lewis originals, ranging from old-time rockabilly to twisted shots of reverb and psychotic trashy tunes. The songs are unpretentious, yet highly infectious, reflecting Nigel's free 'n' easy attitude. A remarkable record like this could never be made by uptight rock & roll rookies. But hold your horses, that's not all. This release gains even more weight by a second disc, stacked with hits, recorded live in Hamburg, Germany in 2006. In total that means nearly two hours of rockabilly psychosis!


Tracklist :

DISC 1: Ladies & Gentlemen ...
01. Ladies & Gentlemen attention Please
02. I Wanne Be Someone
03. Footsteps
04. Ride
05. Sweet Pandora And Me
06. Hotel Room In New Orleans
07. Walking On The Beach
08. Destination Blue
09. The Demon and The Angel
10. Rockabilly
11. Itchy Feelings
DISC 2: Live in Hamburg:
01. Dragster
02. Last House On The Left
03. Get Off Of My Cloud
04. Ride This Torpedo
05. Dog Eat Robot
06. Into the Darkness
07. Final Kick
08. Take A Walk
09. The Room
10. Rockabilly Psychosis
11. Get Me to the World On Time
12. Brand New Gun
13. Earwigs In My Brain
14. Teenagers From Outer Space
15. Walter Mitty Blues
16. Another Half Hour ‘Till Sunrise
17. Can’t Keep A Good Man down
18. Radioactive Kid
19. My Daddy Is A Vampire
20. The Fang
21. Attack Of The Zorchmen
22. Rattlesnake Daddy
23. Cast Iron Arm
24. Destination Blue

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