MOONSHINE REUNION : Sex, truck & rock'n roll
Album Sex, truck & rock'n roll
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Drunkabilly Records
Year 2006
Genre Rockabilly with Country-Hillbilly influences

MOONSHINE REUNION : Sex, truck & rock'n roll

You might think ‘Sex, Trucks & Rock ‘n’ Roll’ sounds damn mature for a debut album. Well, you’re absolutely right! Here’s one of the main reasons : Moonshine Reunion rose out of the ashes of Los Fabulous Frankies, a rockin’ road machine that has seen its share of godforsaken towns all across the mainland. No wonder Moonshine Reunion was a grand live act from day one. And this time around they are hellbent to take it even further, with a chain of skilfully crafted songs, that truly hold their own among rare standards. The band taps into half a century of roots music, like the glory days of Sun Records to more recent Americana brilliance of Dave Gonzales and the tender twist of Chris Isaak. Just an old Gretsch guitar won’t cut it for Moonshine Reunion. These excellent players master a wide range of vintage gear to enrich their authentic tone. The moonshine in their moniker is not all about nocturnal light from above, first up is hard home made liquor. That means broken earts are outnumbered by broken bottles. They let the blues slide in lonesome rhymes, but before long the twang swings back to trucking country and rockabilly barnburners. Like a dear friend that’s gone Hankin’ and returns with new stories to tell, ‘Sex, Trucks ‘n’ Rock & Roll’ honours a fine tradition by delivering outstanding contemporary originals. Indeed, the kind of record with a lifespan longer than your own. Pure music, pass it on!

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Tracklist :

01. Grip On Reality
02. My Baby's Gone
03. Everytime You Call My Name
04. All Alone
05. Leaving You
06. I'm Allright
07. I'm Gonna Get Ya
08. Moonshine
09. Enough Is Enough
10. Life
11. Quit Drinking
12. Highway
13. Blue Train

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